To use the USPTO database
Start by searching for the exact word or key phrase you’d like to trademark. Be sure to try several variations of your search to thoroughly exhaust all potential search options. It's crucial to note that a search in this database doesn't guarantee automatic rights to the trademark.
There might be trademarks that exist but haven't been formally registered with the USPTO. Conducting a meticulous search before initiating your application not only safeguards your investment but also prevents costly errors down the road. Once a trademark application is submitted, any changes become off-limits, and fees are nonrefundable if your application gets rejected.
Running searches using this search does not mean you’ll automatically get rights to the trademark, as some trademarks may exist that have not been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Performing a search before you begin the application process is important to help save you money and avoid expensive errors. After a trademark application has been completed, changes cannot be made and fees are not refunded if your application is rejected. 
Once you’ve determined the eligibility of your intended trademark, it’s time to move on to the next step of the trademark application process.
Reasons to File A Trademark Application

Filing for a trademark gives you as an owner the exclusive rights to use your mark for your goods or service. In turn, you’ll make a smart move in protecting your brand’s identity. Regardless if you’re a new or existing business, a trademark can be a powerful tool in helping to set your brand apart from others.

Filing a trademark application helps to establish your brand’s identity, making a promise to your customers. If another company attempts to use a similar name or logo as yours, you’ll have legal documentation in order to challenge them in court. Furthermore, a trademark serves to help customers recognize your brand, reducing the likelihood of customer confusion.

Should you sell your business, a trademark may also enhance your business value. This valuable asset may assist you in the sale of your company.

Trademark Genius Process

The Trademark Genius process makes it as easy as possible for your business to complete the trademark application. After you’ve performed many searches using the USPTO search, begin by completing a questionnaire that tells us more information about your business. We guarantee that all the information provided to us is safe, secure, and privacy protected.

From here, the work is on us! Sit back and relax while our trademark application experts review the information you’ve provided. As experts in trademark applications, we know exactly what to look for and will let you know if information is missing. We conduct a direct-hit search to ensure the success of your application. We handle filing your application electronically with the USPTO.

Trademark Genius Process
User-Friendly Approach
TradeMark Genius streamlines the trademark application process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for businesses of all sizes.
Comprehensive Search
After performing searches using the USPTO database, begin by completing a questionnaire that provides essential information about your business and trademark.
Expert Review
Our team of trademark application experts reviews the information you provide, ensuring accuracy and completeness. We conduct a meticulous direct-hit search to maximize the application's chances of success.
Electronic Filing
We handle the filing of your application electronically with the USPTO, simplifying the bureaucratic process and saving you time and effort.
Save Your Time
We know you’re busy, and that’s why you’ve come to us as the experts. Our experts take the process off your plate, assuring you that your application is left in good hands.

At TradeMark Genius

We've simplified the trademark application process to empower your business's journey. Once you've engaged in thorough searches through the USPTO database, kick-start your application by completing a comprehensive questionnaire about your business. Rest assured, all the information you provide is safeguarded, ensuring your privacy and security.

With your part done, it's time for us to take the reins. Our team of trademark application experts will meticulously review the details you've furnished. Drawing on our expertise, we'll identify any missing information and conduct an exhaustive search to maximize the chances of success for your application.

When it comes to filing, we've got you covered. We'll electronically submit your application to the USPTO, streamlining the process and minimizing the administrative burden on you. Embarking on the trademark application journey with TradeMark Genius is a strategic move that not only safeguards your brand's identity but also positions you as a distinct entity in your industry. With a comprehensive trademark search process and a user-friendly application procedure, TradeMark Genius equips you with the tools you need to navigate the complex world of intellectual property protection with confidence.

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All information submitted to Trademark Genius shall be regarded as strictly confidential. Trademark Genius will not reveal any intellectual property information to any organization other than as necessary for submission to the USPTO.